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Our Imprint

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Talking Donkey Press is our new imprint for Christian/Inspirational children's books. In a world full of uncertainties we feel that children

would only benefit to know that there is Someone who is bigger than their problems.

Our first book under the imprint Talking Donkey Press is The Lion's Paw by Carlos Torres. The story of the talking donkey is found in the Bible, in the book of Numbers, chapter 22.

New for Spring 2024

Our two new chapter book series "Be God's Hero" & "Reclaimed" for Ages 8-12. Each series will be a total of three books.

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Missing a family member is not easy. Neither is living in a homeless shelter. But being hungry all the time is the hardest.

Jordan does his best to cope with his upside-down world. He turns to his ever-present sketchbook to escape the loneliness, fear and hunger that follow him.   

When he begins fifth grade in a new school, his shy presence makes him an easy target for class bullies and an annoyance to his teacher. When a classmate reaches out to him, Jordan discovers that good can come from a bad situation.

At the age of twelve, Cole's loving father is gravely injured at work and eventually succumbs to his injury. Cole is determined to find a way to handle his hurt. A brilliant idea from his uncle starts moving things in a positive direction, giving him ways to deal with his loss. A set of new friends helps to divert the boy from his misery in spite of the lingering memory in the back of his mind. Together with the support of his mother, uncle, and friends, he makes good progress in dealing with his sorrow. The answer? Love and persistence which have a way of soothing hurt.

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