Shadowbox Hunt ~ A Search & Find Odyssey, Hardcover

Shadowbox Hunt ~ A Search & Find Odyssey, Hardcover


Written & Illustrated by Laura Seeley

Enter the spellbinding world of shadowboxes, where hundreds of mysteries are waiting to be uncovered, just by you! This extensive search & find compendium features 12 lushly colorfully intricate paintings on topics such as numbers, shapes, food, opposites, telling time, mammals, reptiles and more. Each section offers a wealth of items and creatures to discover, all hidden into the details. And the search & find LIST surrounds each verse, decoratively hand-written by Laura. Key pages at the end of the book answer questions to the brain-teasers in each verse’s border. Both children and adults will find themselves mesmerized as they enter the odyssey of shadowboxes.

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Shadowbox Hunt, A Search & Find Odyssey
written & illustrated by Laura Seeley
(includes personalizing from Laura on request)

(hardcover only)

Shadowbox Hunt is Laura’s companion piece to her best seller, The Book of Shadowboxes.